hacketteˈ noun (slang)
A woman journalist
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  • hackette — n British a female journalist. A jocular term coined by journalists (on the basis of hack) and popularised in the 1980s by Private Eye magazine (who referred to society gossip columnist Lady Olga Maitland as the fra grant hackette ) among others …   Contemporary slang

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  • journalist — noun Syn: reporter, correspondent, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman, columnist; informal news hound, hack, hackette, stringer, journo; N.Amer.; informal newsie …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • -ette — is a suffix corresponding to an Old French form ette and is found in English (mostly from the 19c) in four types of noun, either as an active suffix or as part of a word adopted from French: 1. diminutive words, e.g. chemisette (= a small chemise …   Modern English usage

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